Monday, May 31, 2010

So, I have recently moved to Los Angeles. Beautiful place, until you see the people. They are everywhere, and it seems as though every nation outside of the United States has there second largest population, aside from the largest city of that certain country, in Los Angeles. Whatever, it does not bother me. Culture is fun and inspires cheaper delicious food. 
On a side note to expense, every where especially bars are highly expensive. It may end up becoming the cause of my sobriety. This came to me as I sat in a bar for the the 3rd time in a row where i did not buy a drink. This is a big deal, because back home I would buy ten - plus drinks per night. However, LA looks out for people like me. Next door to most of these bars a liquor store has conveniently been placed so I can continue my alcoholism at a reasonable price. Thank god for immigration, without it I would not have a cheap liquor store to visit coupled with a taco stand ran by a single mexican woman in her mid 50s selling meals for three dollars. 
Thank god for you immigrants because with you I am able to maintain a stable body of unhealth for a fraction of the price.

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